Mark Humphreys

Mark ringing at Mary Mag in Oxford, at the try-out of the rehung bells.


Change ringing, essentially an activity unique to England, has been my main hobby since I was about 12 years old. It requires a mixture of physical and mental effort, and a good sense of rhythm is always handy. I did a lot of ringing when I was young, but found other attractions through my late teenage and early university years, but am now ringing regularly in London.

Our Lady and St Nicholas, Pier Head (12, 41-3-15 in C).

I learned to ring in Wirral, at Port Sunlight (8), and also rang at Our Lady and St Nicholas, Pier Head, Liverpool (12). Whilst in Oxford, I rang with the Oxford Society at Christ Church (the Cathedral) and Lincoln College, and was Master of the Oxford University Society, ringing at St Thomas, St Mary Magdalen, SMV, St Ebbe's, St Cross, and New College.

I now ring in London with the Ancient Society of College Youths, of which I am currently Master, and have rung over 150 peals with the society. We ring at St Paul's Cathedral, St Mary le Bow, St Giles Cripplegate, St Michael Cornhill, St Sepulchre's and Southwark Cathedral. I have rung in the society's band for the National Twelve Bell Striking Competition since 2003.